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Diabetes To Hit 380 Million Worldwide

Approximately seven percent of the world’s adult population or 380 million people are projected to have diabetes by the year 2025, according to medical experts.
The alarming number is predicted by the new “Diabetes Atlas” which was launched at the World Diabetes Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. Medical experts foresee that the increase in the global prevalence of diabetes will be attributed to an increase in bad lifestyle habits associated with affluence especially among people in developing countries.

According to the Diabetes Atlas, type 2 diabetes is spreading quickest in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East countries. The diabetes prevalence rates in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is pegged between 16 percent and 20 percent of their adult populations.

The small nation of Nauru in the South Pacific has the world’s highest prevalence of diabetes at more than 30 percent, while the greatest numbers of diabetics are found in India and China, with about 40 million diabetics each. The Atlas further showed that diabetes prevalence rates in South America is expected to double, while there will be an estimated 80 percent increase of prevalence rates in Africa and a 56-percent increase in the Indian sub-continent.

The International Diabetes Federation estimates that diabetes currently affects 246 million people across the world, from just 30 million two decades ago. Diabetes causes about 3.8 million deaths each year worldwide, mostly through complications such as strokes and heart attacks.

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