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Diabetes to Develop Parkinson’s

Posted on November 20, 2019 | No Comments on Diabetes to Develop Parkinson’s

A new study has put forward new evidence that persons with diabetes are more likely to have Parkinson’s disease, especially for younger patients. Another report has documented that U.S. adults are more likely to develop Parkinson’s over a 15-year period. These results, however, do not actually prove the diabetes is a direct cause of Parkinson’s.

The researchers evaluated 2,000 adults with Parkinson’s disease and almost 10,000 adults of the same age without the disease (as the control group). Results showed 6.5 percent of the Parkinson’s group already had diabetes for two years prior to the disease. By comparison, 5 percent of the control group had diabetes for at least two years. Overall, the study linked having diabetes to at least one-third higher risk of acquiring Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, diabetes was also associated with a higher likelihood of developing Parkinson’s before the age of 60, the mean age upon diagnosis.

Dr. Eva Schernhammer of Harvard Medical School led the group of researchers, who said that while the meaning of the research results are still unclear, the most possible reason why diabetes and Parkinson’s disease are highly associated is that these disorders might have closely related biological foundations and genetic susceptibility.

More studies are needed to confirm the ties between diabetes and Parkinson’s; persons with diabetes are advised to simply maintain their medication and live a healthier lifestyle as more developments unfold through the years.

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