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Diabetes Risk for Obese

Posted on March 9, 2020 | No Comments on Diabetes Risk for Obese

Obesity or being overweight posts numerous health problems aside from the psychological impairment that this condition gives to obese people. Obesity moreover, increases the risk of diabetes primarily because the causes for these two types of health condition are related to each other.

Diabetes is primarily a health condition marked by an abnormal blood sugar level of a person, which primarily affects a person’s ability to absorb nutrients. Thus, diabetic patients are usually thin even if they keep on eating a lot, which in turn is dangerous because food further increases the sugar level in the blood thus creating a vicious cycle. Obese people are likely to develop diabetes because of their propensity to eat many sugary or sugar rich foods, which is both a cause of diabetes and gaining weight.

The primary medication for diabetes is insulin, a hormone that balances the sugar in our cells. However, an obese person with diabetes increases the risk of diabetes because one tends to be resistant to insulin. An overweight person tends to become resistant to insulin because fat cells are naturally resistant to insulin. This is true for insulin that is naturally released by our pancreas or that which is administered via injected. Thus, a person who has more fat cells tends to become more resistant to insulin.

Corollary to which, reducing one’s weight or cutting one’s fat cells improves the absorption of insulin in the body cells thereby helping the hormone to effectively regulate glucose levels in the body and blood. In lieu of which, obese people suffering from diabetes are often advise to live health lifestyles by eating a proper diet and engaging in exercise primarily to reduce fat cells and prevent obesity which can increase the risk of diabetes.

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