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Diabetes Psychotic Behavior

There are people who have had experience in which their diabetic relatives become delusional at some point especially when the diabetic patient is experiencing hypoglycemia or very low blood sugar level. Patients are usually described as psychotic which is a psychological condition in which a depressed person demonstrates abnormal thinking or behavior reflected in the distraction of relationships and work productivity, estrangement from society, and inability to function normally in their daily life. Psychosis associated with diabetes is termed as diabetic psychosis.

Psychosis associated with diabetes is shown by many studies. However, no studies have particularly identified what causes the psychosis based on imbalance of elements inside the body. Instead, most experts agree that since diabetes is a really stressful event, people who suffer from diabetes are psychologically affected by the negative effects of diabetes in their lives, such as the inability to eat or indulge on food, the neurological side effects of diabetes and other problems associated with diabetes that tend to restrict a person’s normal conduct of life. This sense of restriction that diabetic patients suffer is what causes stress, depression and if not controlled psychosis. Incidentally, the occurrence of psychosis is also probable not only to people with diabetes but to people who are at risk of diabetes, or has a family history of diabetes as well.

The correlation of diabetes and psychosis is not directly reciprocal. Whilst diabetic patients are at risk of psychosis, psychotic individuals are also at risk of diabetes. This is because certain antidepressants taken by people with psychotic disorders tend to have a negative effect on weight gain and glucose metabolism disruptions which may eventually lead or aggravate the risk of diabetes. In short, the risk of psychotic individuals of getting diabetes is primarily due to their medication. On the other hand, the risk of diabetics getting psychotic is due to the depressive and stressful effects of suffering diabetes.

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