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Diabetes may up Cancer Death

Posted on November 5, 2019 | No Comments on Diabetes may up Cancer Death

A meta-analysis conducted by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health identified a positive link between pre-existing diabetes and cancer deaths.

Bethany B. Barone, Sc.M and her team gathered 48 articles that met criteria for the study, including 23 articles for which data could be included in the meta-analysis. The meta-analysis saw soaring glucose levels among those who died of cancer.

In addition, the study identified that subjects who died of cancer of the endometrium, breast, and colorectum have pre-existing diabetes while those who died of prostrate, gastric, hepatocellular, lung, and pancreatic cancer provide a nonsignificant association with pre-existing diabetes.

“Future research should determine the relative importance of different pathways to diabetes-related mortality risk. If a clinical or biological interaction between diabetes and cancer care is confirmed, subsequent trials should test whether improvements in diabetes care for patients with newly diagnosed cancer might reduce long-term mortality,” the researchers conclude.

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