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Diabetes may lower prostate cancer but doubles cancer risk for women

What’s good news for men may turn out to be bad news for women. A new diabetes research from Tel Aviv, Israel, shows that the disease lowers the rate of prostate cancer in men but it may also double the risk of female genital and other cancers.

Reporting their findings, researchers at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University said their study covers 16,721 patients with diabetes. Differentiating between men and women and defining the relative cancer risks for each group, the study found that none of the subjects had a history of cancer at the study’s start in 2000, but over the course of 8 years, there were 1,639 cases of different cancers among people with diabetes.

Comparing these cases to those of the same cancers in a healthy, diabetes-free population of nearly 84,000 people, the study also found that diabetes can have a preventative effect on conditions like prostate cancer even as it reduces the risk of cancers associated with insulin-like hormones by up to 47 percent.

It’s not the same case with women, though. Lead researcher Dr. Gabriel Chodick, “The interaction of diabetes and female hormones appears to exaggerate the risk, and make certain organs like the uterus and ovaries more receptive to certain kinds of cancer.” There is no cause for panic, however, as the overall risks of colon and ovarian cancers are generally low for women, the authors noted. They added that this new research should be considered by physicians when assessing the long-term health histories of their patients.

According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 10 percent of all women in America over the age of 20 are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes—a condition that can often be managed with a healthy diet, exercise, and oral medications.

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