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Diabetes Life-Saving Kit

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We are living in a world where accidents happen almost every single day. But while there are serious accidents which necessitate immediate hospitalization, some, especially home injuries, can sometimes be attended to even by one’s self.

With some basic knowledge on first-aid, all one needs is a first-aid kit that can be used at home or can be carried wherever you go.

What’s a First Aid Kit?
Contrary to its name, a first aid kit is not intended for first aid use only. These life-saving kits must also address the everyday needs of a person.

“A first aid kit does not only refer to the words ‘first aid’. It doesn’t only refer to injury but to some necessities also,” says Leonardo Ebajo, national field representative, Safety Services Department of the Philippine National Red Cross, National Headquarters.

A first aid kit is actually a bag or container that includes medicines, bandages, or other items that a person may need everyday. A first aid kit will actually be very helpful for people with diabetes who need to be always on constant watch for injuries that if left unnoticed will lead to serious complications.

For the kit to be truly useful, it should be available and easily located in areas where it will be most likely used. According to Ebajo, there must be first aid kits at home, when going outdoors, inside the car, and when traveling long distances. As accidents happen all the time and you may need certain things in the most unexpected events, carrying a first aid kit may actually save your life and that of others.

What’s in a first aid kit?
At home, a first aid kit may only contain the basic things, which include rubbing alcohol, povidone iodine, cotton, triangular and/or elastic roller bandage, scissors, gloves, band-aid, plaster, tongue depressor, and pen light.

As for traveling, it is better if antidizziness medicines are included in a first-aid kit. Also, Ebajo suggests that if possible, it is best to include a disposable urinal in your traveling kit as you never know when you are going to need it.
Ebajo also recommends doing an inventory of your first aid kit. Check if the stocks are still complete or if the medicines have not expired yet. Taking expired medicines may lead to possible poisoning or worsening of a patient’s condition.

First aid kit for diabetics
Because people with diabetes have more specialized needs than those without the disease, their first aid kits should include more items other than the basic things that ordinary first aid kits contain.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a patient’s prescribed medications should, first and foremost, be included in the kit along with other items such as blood sugar monitoring equipment, insulin kit for those who need insulin, and syringe. But be sure to get a letter from your doctor stating why you are carrying around a syringe in your purse. You may just need it if authorities question you for bringing such.

Dr. Marie Yvette Rosales-Amante, an endocrinologist at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, recommends having a glucose meter and sugar tablets to be included in a diabetic’s first aid kit.

Moreover, Dr. Rosales-Amante advises that the following sweets be included in a diabetic emergency kit: “Candies, juice, regular soft drinks … whatever form of sugar,” she says. These sweets can be used for hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) emergencies.

Also, since the feet of a diabetic person must be well taken care of, be sure that all the bandages and any cloth material in your first aid kit are hypoallergenic. It also helps to have a pair of extra cotton socks and shoes. Changing socks and shoes can prevent one from having blisters or pressure points, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Lastly, always include a piece of paper in which detailed information about you and your condition is clearly stated. It is also best if your physician’s contact details are included, in case you or the people around you may need it.

A first aid kit truly responds to a person’s daily needs. It is not just something that can make your life better and convenient. It may also be life saving, especially for persons with diabetes.

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