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Diabetes Clinics in Manila

Posted on June 2, 2020 | 1 Comment on Diabetes Clinics in Manila

As diabetes becomes an epidemic disease, especially among Filipinos, practically all of the leading hospital institutions in Metro Manila has a endocrinologist or a diabetic specialist in their rolls. Many Filipinos, however, remain undiagnosed, or worse are not giving sufficient concern and attention to the fatality of such diseases until it’s too late. That diabetes has become so common, practically all diagnostic testing centers have included sugar testing as part of their standard examination procedures.

Hence, it is easy to have oneself checked for diabetes. Moreover, there are also self testing devising one can buy over the counter through which one can check if one’s blood sugar levels are acting abnormally. Anyone especially elderly people who feel that they are experiencing symptoms of diabetes such as a sudden drop of weight, or restlessness should have oneself checked for diabetes. For what its worth, there are also many clinics specializing on diabetes.

Among which are the Healthway Medical Clinic located at 5/F Wellness Zone, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, the Metro-Med Diagnostic and Diabetic Clinic in the ground floor of Lola Taya Building 1165 B Quezon Boulevard Extension 1100, Quezon City, and Sto. Tomas Diabetes Health Care Clinic in Leningrad, Paranaque. If one cant find any diabetes clinic in the area, one can consult the “Diabetes Philippines” located at Unit 25, Facilities Center, 548 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, 1501, Manila. This is the umbrella organization of all associations involved in diabetic care and one can definitely get the proper referrals for a specialist in diabetes.

People should nevertheless be aware that there is no cure for diabetes. Regardless of the fact that one gets into a specialized clinic or a specialized doctor, one should not rely or be hopeful that one’s diabetes can be cured. Diabetes is a disease whose cure remains a mystery to science.

Theoretically, its curable but the treatment has not been actually developed. The most that these diabetic clinics can provide is give patients advise on how to properly manage one’s disease and prevent it from getting worse. And to do this, it is ultimately about living a healthy lifestyle and being cautious of one’s food intake. Thus, apart from seeing a diabetic doctor, it would be worthwhile to equally see a diabetic nutritionist to manage diabetes.

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  1. 13/07/15

    The Viva Healthcare Diabetes Center is now open at #56 Timog Ave., Quezon City. It is the first diabetes specialist center in the Philippines with the convenience of all services under one roof. We provide affordable, comprehensive and expert diabetes care supported by our team of endocrinologists. Our services are customized to each diabetic patient’s needs and focus on prevention, lifestyle change and reducing the risk of complications to improve quality of life.

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