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Diabetes Center Manila

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Diabetes Center Manila is a non-governmental foundation clinic dedicated in improving the quality of life of Filipinos by providing an excellent diabetes education program for the country. It envisions of creation a citizenry that is knowledgeable and skillful in managing diabetes. Diabetes Center Manila values the virtues of patience and perseverance in instilling knowledge, commitment to communication, dedication to overcome obstacles, excellence in all its endeavours and faith in God in conquering and defeating the ignorance of diabetes.

Diabetes Center Manila was initiated by Dr. Elliot P. Joslin, who believed that education about diabetes for both patients and their families’ forms part of its management and treatment. Knowledge was once considered a luxury which Dr. Joslin wants to change as an advocate of education as the cornerstone of diabetic therapy. Education is important for survival, improving quality of life and decreasing cost of diabetes care.

The Diabetes Center Manila essentially facilitate the education of diabetes, its nature, cause, management forms, food exchange list, the action of both oral and parenteral hypoglycemic agent, proper way of insulin administration, monitoring devices, way to care for oneself especially the feet, skin and teeth. The education is given for both in-patients and out-patients, individually or as a group including families of the patient. The clinic also provides counselling and assessment of diabetic patient and make the necessary recommendations custom fit to the case of the patient. The whole course normally last for two days with two hours per session.

With the Diabetes Center Manila, people and families have considerably increased their knowledge of diabetes, improved and learn skills for monitoring sugar levels, properly injecting insulin and taking care of their feet, skin and teeth for a better healthier regular life. It will also help patients iimprove their metabolic control and if recommended diet regimen is strictly complied with, most patients have controlled their blood sugar levels effectively.

Diabetes Center Manila is located at Rm. 366 Diabetes Educational Center, Makati Medical Center Makati, Philippines with telephone (632) 893-6017.

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