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Diabetes cannot stop Mike Enriquez

For Mr. Imbestigador Mike Enriquez, the tough and multiawarded broadcast journalist of GMA 7, being a diabetic should not hinder an individual to perform his job or live an active and normal life. In fact, he is one great example of a person with diabetes who can still live perfectly despite the condition.

Mike starts the day at 3 or 4 in the morning to prepare for his 6 a.m. radio program Saksi so Dobol B. He also does management work in between, as president of RGMA Network Inc.. He not only anchors the TV news program 24 Oros at 6:30 p.m., but squeezes in tapings for his TV shows Imbestigador and Review Philippines on GMA Worldwide, not to mention doing live coverages at the Vatican, in Iraq and other parts of the world where he sometimes has to act as a one-man-news-team (camera work and videophone set-up).And occasionally, he still finds time to do charity work for GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Sinful Lifestyle
Like many people with diabetes, Mike was not exactly sure how long he’s had it. Before he was diagnosed, he was already experiencing some of the typical signs and symptoms of diabetes including hunger pangs, drowsiness and itchiness, but was still completely ignorant of his disease. Later on, his condition was discovered after he went in for an overnight medical check up (which happened more than 15 years ago).The following day, the doctor told him that he was suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Prior to his diagnosis, Mike admits that he weighed as much as 215 to 218 pounds. He was a heavy smoker (at least one pack per day), lived a stressful life and even considered himself as a “coffee monster”.
“I can describe my appetite as sinful,” Mike posits. His wife Baby also reveals that previously, Mike indulged in a lot of greasy foods. “Nagagalit siya pag di mo sya pinag-prepare so breakfast ng sinangag, pepperoni, longanisa, name it, yung talagang high in fat.” Also included in his all-time favorites are kare-kare, chicharon buloklak and crispy pata.

Total transformation
After Mike suffered from mild depression for a couple of months because of diabetes, he was told that he had to change his lifestyle. His doctor friend told him that the discipline required for diabetics is the discipline required even for non-diabetics. “At that time, I was afraid that my life might change dramatically. And it did. But it was for the better,” he avers. He and his wife started to do research about diabetes. “I started to buy books and tried to follow the discipline required for diabetics.”

Mike is proud to say that at present, he is able to follow the pillars of diabetic management. He goes to the gym after his work to do cardiovascular exercises such as biking and treadmill for at least 45 minutes, thrice a week. “When I travel abroad, I make sure as much as possible that the hotel where I stay has a health club or fitness center. Para if I have spare time, every opportunity I get, I work out.” His wife discloses that they also enjoy jogging and brisk walking together especially when they are out of the country. He also watches his diet carefully. He is very cautious to take anything that has sugar in it. Furthermore, he takes his medication regularly.

On his wife
Mike admits that his wife’s support is very critical for his condition.”I would not have succeeded in reducing my weight, or maintaining the discipline if not for her. She prepares the food and she always reminds me by saying, `Hoy! That’s not good for you.'” He believes that his wife has really pushed him to follow a healthy regimen. “Buti no long she adopted a healthy lifestyle also. In fact, she works out more than I do and she watches what she eats.”

Concern for others
“Every opportunity I get to preach the gospel of a healthy living I do, especially with my colleagues in the office. Even with my boss who smokes, I tell him: Sir itigil n’yo no yon walang mabuting maidudulot so inyo yon.” Despite his strong personality as a media person, Mike always has a soft heart for his fellow diabetics. Every time he learns of somebody dying of diabetes, he gets affected. He believes that discipline (strict dietary regimen, correct medication, regular check-up and increasing physical activities) is the key ingredient to fighting diabetes. “Actually it becomes your life no pag di mo ginawa, feeling mo napakamokasalanan mong too. And for diabetics it (guilt feeling) is doubled, because you know that you brought yourself closer to a heart attack, stroke, or blindness.”

“It’s great to be diabetic these days, because they (scientists) are developing new medications and soon they might come out with a cure. There are also sugar-free products nowadays from cakes, to polvoron, to ice cream. Sugarfree but not fat-free. But it’s great!” Mike is certainly living proof that diabetics can still enjoy life to the fullest.

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