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Diabetes Camps in the Philippines

Diabetes Camps are specialized camps that caters children and adults who are diagnosed with diabetes and are often challenge with the lifetime burden of managing their health condition. Diabetes camps help pool people with diabetes in order to ease the misconception that their condition is unique. Camps not only promote camaraderie and creates a sense of belongingness to people with diabetes, provide counseling but also training for people especially children for them to become more independent and self reliant in managing their disease. It also serves as a venue for diabetic patients to open up and share their experience in diabetes care and other unique experiences to help each other in fighting off the sickness, build confidence and allow them to live more normal lives.

There are several diabetes camps in the Philippines where children and adults can join to enrich their lives. One of the most popular diabetes camp is the Rainbow Camp Foundation Philippines, which is a Subsidiary of Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation. This camp is open to all people with diabetes of all ages and is primarily serve as education camp to help diabetic people overcome their condition and live life to its fullest. The camp provide clients with awareness, appreciation and responsibility of the condition which included self-management, stress management and even enhancement of interpersonal relationships.

Another popular diabetes camp is the Camp COPE (Children Overcoming Diabetes Problems Everywhere). This diabetes camp which specifically caters children is sponsored by the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation. The camp holds annual summer camp adventures which integrates vacation adventures with diabetes education and socialization activities.

Finally, there is also the Philippine Society of Pediatric Metabolism and Endocrinology Diabetes Camp. This diabetes camp is especially made for families with family members either parents or children with diabetes. This camp provides a holistic approach to camping which highlights the special role and critical support of family in the managing diabetes and helping diabetic patients live their life to the full.

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