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Diabetes and Weak Muscles

Posted on February 14, 2021 | No Comments on Diabetes and Weak Muscles

Muscle weakness is characterized by the inability of a muscle to perform what you want to do with it because of the perceptible reduction in the force or energy that the muscle can exert, however hard you try. This is muscle weakness can be due to tiredness or asthenia and fatigability, when a person overworks it.

However, there are many other causes of muscle weakness even if one is not overworking them. This included inactive (sedentary) lifestyle or Lack of muscle fitness, ageing or weakening of muscles, infections, and even pregnancy. Other disease related causes of muscle weakness included persistent (chronic) diseases such as Peripheral vascular disease or the narrowing of the arteries. Peripheral vascular disease is especially related to Diabetes.

As diabetes progresses, the blood supply to small nerves is lost, which causes the muscles at the peripheral to weaken, wither or stop working. For diabetics, the weakening of muscles can also be caused diabetic neuropathies or nerve damage. Diabetics who are unable to control their sugar often suffer Focal neuropathy which is a sudden weakness of nerves that also cause muscle weakness or pain usually in the eyes, facial muscles, ears, pelvis and lower back, chest, abdomen, thighs, legs and feet.

Thus it is important for diabetics to always maintain a healthy lifestyle by being active to avoid Peripheral vascular disease and eating a balanced diet to avoid diabetic neuropathies, which both causes weak muscles.

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