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Diabetes and Kidney link

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There is a direct link between diabetes and kidneys. Diabetes mellitus or the uncontrolled diabetes is the principal cause of kidney failure. In fact, majority of kidney transplant patients suffer some form of diabetes. Kidney is an essential body organ who main function is to remove waste and other toxic materials from the blood. In case of diabetics, the kidneys play the role eliminating excess sugar (glucose) in the blood. Sugar or glucose molecules are relatively larger than the waste molecules that the kidney usually filters.

Thus, the large sugar molecules tend to damage or destroy the filtering mechanism of the kidney in time in a slow progression resulting to the organ’s inability to filter smaller molecules to the extent that it can no longer remove wastes, which in turn build up in the bloodstream. When this happens, this is termed as kidney failure which could be fatal resulting to body poisoning and death.

The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is used to measure the efficiency of the kidneys in filtering wastes from blood. The GFR is usually calculated by taking the creatinine value in the urine. A GFR that is less than 15 is a indication of kidney failure and would require the patient to undergo dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Symptoms to look out that shows kidney failure included Fluid retention, which is physically manifested in the legs or face, a sense of over fatigue on the part of the patient despite having sufficient rest and sleep, regular headaches, as well as nausea and vomiting. Thus, kidney monitoring is important especially for patients which has had diabetics for a very long time.

Moreover, there are also risk factors that a diabetic patients can most likely experience kidney failure. This included genetics or if the patient has a family history of kidney impairments; when the patient is still engaged in dangerous vices such as smoking and alcoholism, which adds toxic wastes which the kidney needed to filter as well as obesity or when the patient in overweight which increases the risk for hypertension and heart failures.

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