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Depression Links to Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to depression and erectile dysfunction (ED) among men with type 2 diabetes, which causes which? Italian authors of the study “Quality of Care and Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes” say the two factors work vice-versa. While depression may prompt the development of ED, signs of ED likewise bring about symptoms of depression.

Researchers led by Dr. Antonio Nicollucci came out with this conclusion after interpreting the results of a three-year survey given out every six months to type 2 diabetic men. Results showed 500 participants had baseline ED while 286 of the total population didn’t experience ED. Investigators reported 192 new cases of ED during follow-up with the participants.

The link between ED and depression stemmed from assessing the participants’ physical wellness and psychological behavior (through SF-36 Health Survey) and depression symptoms (through Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression). The survey scores for both SF-36 and CES-D revealed depression is a significant ED risk factor for men with type 2 diabetes.

Contrary to prevalent belief, natural aging process is not the only factor to blame for ED. Such disorder is caused also by “modifiable risk factors such as poor metabolic control and cigarette smoking”. Hypertension and dyslipidemia are also associated with ED, Dr. Nicolucci and associates noted from the study.

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