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Demerara Sugar Safe for Diabetes?

Demerara sugar is not the typical brown sugar that people can customarily buy in a supermarket or sari sari store. However, is also has a brown color. Unlike brown sugar however, which is essentially unrefined white sugar, Demerara sugar has larger grains and is crunchier. It originated from the Demerara colony in Guyana, from which it derived its name.

In spite of its “natural” sounding names, Demerara sugar is still sugar and can still spike blood sugar levels just like the ordinary white sugar. It is neither safer than white or brown sugar for diabetics. Demerara sugar however has a slightly higher mineral content than ordinary refined sugar. Demerara is also more delicious because it has a natural caramel-like taste, which provides a sweet twist so to speak when added as recipe for baking, tea or drinks and other viands. Incidentally, the large crystals of Demerara add a unique touch for muffins, cakes, and even cookies.

However, when it comes it comes to safety for diabetics; Demerara sugar is not all different from refined or brown sugar. One still needs to count the carbs and calories not to mention the potential cavities that one can acquire. In other words, the Demerara Sugar is just like the white sugar that a diabetic patient must regulate in using or taking. The Demerara Sugar is not safer for diabetes compared to ordinary refined sugar, but it surely is tastier.

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