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Debunking Diet Fads

Posted on March 24, 2020 | No Comments on Debunking Diet Fads

It has been yet another year where we witnessed the spawn of professional dieters. I the US alone, an estimated 80 million people experiment on diets every year. That number is absurd.

But come on, give them a break. After enduring the countless proportion-slashing, meal-avoiding, and meal-fasting habit, these guys deserve all the respect and the acclamation.

This is of course regardless of what eating scheme you religiously practiced over the last 300 plus days. And after all that was sad and done, we do hope you were able to shed that extra pounds away and kept it that way, DO you?

Seven Day Elimination Diet
One of the patrons of this scheme is Ms. Pepper Pots aka Gwyneth Paltrow (and have you seen her lately?).
A sample lunch under this diet is carrot salad with ginger dressing. Moreover, it discourages preparing a meal with oil. Instead, everything should be steamed and you cannot intake any dairy, sugar, and processed foods.

The rationale is eliminate toxins from your body by replacing them with almost raw food to eat. For seven days.

Sonoma Diet
Focuses on nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grain, olive oil and fish. Supposed to rejuvenate the body by eating foods with any kind of fat; free it from sugar and processed foods. Requires someone to embark to a 10-day -toxin- purge.

The Step Diet
From the name itself, this eating practice gives premium to walking. On the nutritional side of it however, it suggests that a dieter cut up to 75 percent food intake; or, simply cut back on how much you normally eat, while increasing your activity level. At least for a week.

Volumetrics Eating Plan
This one is one of my favorites. According to the proponents of this diet, people should classify foods based on their energy density. (say what?) Let me explain. They said that the fundamental requirement on a meal is for people to feel full. Ergo, low density foods such as fruits and vegetables, including soups and stews can help to make you feel “full” without overloading your calorie intake.

South Beach Diet
Last but not the least, a personal favorite: The infamous South Beach Diet. The components of the diet itself is very sensible. You could eat your regular meat, with loads of veggies and dressings on the side; nuts, fruits, eggs and cheese. In fact, you can have your regular dose of sugars, sodas and sweets.

I know you’re waiting for the big BUT. You didn’t think it was that easy don’t you? I’m sure you did. You have to veer away from bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, or baked goods.

Wait! There’s more! Fruits are not allowed either. Sweets such as candies, cookies, ice cream, sugar and rice are hands off. Alcohol? Definitely out. For the first 14 days.

But what am I saying? I’m sure you already know that. Why do people spend billions and billions of dollars to diet in the first place? There would be 80 million reasons and answers for that question; most common among them would be to lose weight. Though I do know the single fact that would probably have me stoned: DIETS DO NOT, AND WILL NEVER WORK (you can quote me on that one).

It is evident that 99 percent of these diet programs would require you to binge on one food group; at least for the first few weeks. This will cause an imbalance to your body’s weigh regulation and metabolic system. In other words, your weight would fluctuate.

They “guarantee” results which are completely unrealistic. Apologies to have to talk parlance but each and every individual has a different body chemistry make up that would consequently react to a sudden change of eating habit. There is no guarantee.

Yo-you dieting or a cyclical pattern of losing and gaining pounds would only force your body to store more fat to compensate for the erratic food intake.

Lastly, if you are really driven to become healthier and sexier, it solicits a long term commitment. “Dieting” should be a lifestyle, not a temporary escape from the extra weight.

Don’t get me wrong, these diets are most likely backed up by years of research and possess a solid theoretical foundation. In the end, if one wishes to achieve a sound body and lifestyle, one must stop dieting.

As we enter another year metabolic year however, let me just suggest some tips you might want to consider to include in your -dieting.”

Go Pyto!
Consume more foods that are rich in pytochemicals; “Pyto” meaning plant. Yes, that is composed of your leafy veggies. There would absolutely no harm in loading on toxin-eliminating-greens.

Slice the Meat
Research shows that people who consume smaller amounts of meat have a healthier cardiovascular system, and are less prone to health risk.

You are What You Eat
There is no right or wrong food. Make sure that your eating pattern is appropriate for your lifestyle. If you live in an active and fast-paced ecosystem, turn it up a notch on the carbs and the meat. If you live a steady and gradual-paced environment, bring on the vegetables and fruits.

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