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Dalandan Health Benefits

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Dalandan or sour orange is a very popular fruit in the Philippines. Its tree is small and erect, with smooth greenish white sprouts with thorns that are spinescent. It is found in all warm countries and throughout the Philippines, and is nearly always planted. Being considered as a tropical fruit, dalandan is not just an enjoyable food (although it is sour most of the time), but it is also packed with health benefits.

Since it comes from the citrus plant family, it is definitely packed with C vitamin, which is considered an anti-stress vitamin. It protects the cells in your body from toxic wastes, and considered as the most potent antioxidant, destroying the entire percentage of free radicals at the cellular level even before they enter the cells. In addition to that, this vitamin is also known to support the immune system, stimulates wound healing and helps prevent viral diseases as well as cancer. Furthermore, vitamin C can decrease your infections, allergies, asthma and common cold.
Dalandan is not only packed with vitamin C, but also with citrus flavonoids which have potential antioxidant and also helps prevent inflammation activity and cholesterol increase.

Apart from its potential vitamins and minerals that help the body prevent various disease, dalandan can also be used as an herbal aid in curing various ailments.

The Leaves
Ground dalandan leaves can be applied to decrease any type of swelling. They can also be boiled in water, and its tea can be used as a tonic for bronchitis.

The Rind
The fresh rind can be squeezed near the nostril to cure nausea and fainting or scrubbed on the face to cure acne and in the hands to cure eczema. On the other hand, the oils coming from the fresh rind can be used either internally or externally as a tonic liniment for rheumatism and gout. The dried dalandan rind on the other hand can be used as pick-me-up for dyspepsia and also used to check vomiting.

The Flowers
Dried dalandan flowers are used as tonic and prevention for dysentery and also known to control muscle spasms. Water distilled from the flowers is used as tonic for hysterical cases and nervousness.

Indeed, dalandan is not just a fruit that can be used and made as a refreshing drink. As you enjoy the glasses of dalandan juice, keep in mind that you are also taking advantage of various health benefits.

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