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Crowning Cory

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An air of sophistication fills the air the moment Cory Quirino steps into a room. Merely looking at her would completely explain how she has become an image of timeless exquisiteness. And in her advocacy to help people achieve beauty inside and out, she has effectively inspired millions of viewers, readers, and followers.

The fountain of eternal youth may not have been discovered yet but Quirino has definitely come close to it through her distinctive beauty which would keep you guessing how young she really is. However, just as any significant feat, her phenomenal success started with an obstacle.

“It all started many years ago when I realized that I was 15 pounds overweight. I told myself, ‘this cannot be’ and then I began to be curious about finding ways to lose weight,” Quirino said.

This curiosity eventually resulted in the materialization of her goal and this got the attention of many women in the gym. According to Quirino, they would keep on asking her how to lose weight, how to have beautiful skin, and how they can feel better about themselves.

“I realized that it is not merely physical but it entails the participation of the mind, body and spirit,” she said. Quirino did not keep her beauty secrets to herself. Since then, she has become a source of inspiration to many women in the country.

Revealing the queen’s secrets
Beauty is never skin deep. Especially for most women, looking and feeling good affect a big part of their self-esteem. What Quirino does goes beyond what cosmetics and treatments can give to people she empowers them to love themselves through taking care of their mind, body, and soul.

The sharing of her beauty secrets did not stop at the gym. As a television celebrity, she became an even more effective endorser of natural ways to radiate youth. “Forever Young” started as a TV segment’s title in “Citilife”, her show on ABS-CBN. Feedback showed that this segment was viewed and supported by a large audience. This proved the public’s growing consciousness on health and beauty and it paved the way for her to expand her influence.

Her book of the same title, “Forever Young: Cory Qurino‘s Guide to Beauty and Fitness”, hit the market and it was an instant bestseller. National Bookstore hit the jackpot when it decided to tap Quirino into writing this book for the company. More women were inspired to pursue a healthy lifestyle by reading this green book, which contained beauty recipes and fitness regimens.

However, no matter how much information on health and wellness one knows, developing the discipline to live a healthy and beautifying lifestyle remains to be the biggest challenge. When asked regarding this, Quirino gave an answer which could easily hit anybody who has been giving excuses on why they set aside their body’s need for health and wellness. “If you love yourself well enough, you will find time. For each day that you neglect yourself, it’s a betrayal to yourself. It’s like saying that you don’t love yourself well enough,” she said.

At the heart of her advocacy is Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). It is a product that she swears is an effective beauty oil which makes one beautiful inside and out. Because of its endless list of positive effects to the body, it was chosen by Quirino as the main ingredient of her line of skin care branded as CocoZen by Cory Quirino. This line, which includes hand and body cream, facial virgin coconut oil, makeup remover, and scalp topical lotion, promotes the natural connection between the body and nature. It also encourages its users to enjoy life rather than endure it.

On Beating Stress
Treating oneself as a princess must not end at pre-school when we were taught to believe in fairy tales. We remain royals in our own right, and all are given the privilege of relaxation. Much of Quirino’s beauty can be attributed to her de-stressing practices, which she said is very important in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Being pampered after a busy day at work is a luxury that every hardworking individual deserves. Aside from the hilot and hot stone treatments, a three-hour, full-body treatment at Chi, the Spa is her favorite spa regimen.

Quirino also recommends meditation and breathing techniques to clear the mind and calm the spirit. Play some relaxing music, shut down all your thoughts and worries, and breathe. This practice can help you recharge for the day and get a good sleep at night. For aromatherapy, she uses acombination of lavender and rose oils to relax her senses.

Furthermore, meditation is not limited to staying in a stationary position for quite some time. According to Quirino, brisk walking can also be a form of meditation as you stroll around and breathe the energies of nature. Quirino’s beauty is more than mere good looks. It is a source of motivation which has encouraged millions of people around the world to start loving themselves. She is the face of timeless beauty and this distinction is not just given by her TV shows or her books, but by the people who have become beautiful and confident through her living examples.

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