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Combating the Obesity Crisis

Posted on March 17, 2020 | No Comments on Combating the Obesity Crisis

Obesity is a medical condition of having too much body fat to the extent that it can cause physical and psychological damage to a person. Because of the prevalence of obesity in the world, it has been described as an epidemic or crisis that affects millions of people that collectively affects the wellbeing of modern society in general.

Combating the obesity crisis cannot be directed to treating obesity alone but addressing its principal causes and working to prevent them. The direct cause of obesity is overeating and the lack of physical exercise to burn fats. Thus, the key to fighting the obesity crisis is by conducting a massive and intensive campaign to promote healthy habits as well as empowering people with skills essential to make positive changes in their lifestyle. For instance, it has been a common knowledge for people that the prevention of obesity can be attained through eating moderately, avoiding fatty and processed foods and including fibrous vegetables and fruits in their diet. Despite this, however, society is bombarded by advertisements that promote junk food, processed food and other fatty foods. Governments should proactively supplement this knowledge by instituting relevant policies that promote health. For instance, it should encourage organic farming; regulate advertisement of junk food; help food manufacturers come up with healthy food alternatives and other pertinent policies.

Aside from overeating, another way to directly fight off obesity is by engaging in physical exercise. In the same token, the government should provide ways and means that will promote exercise and sports among the people by regularly holding tournaments at the grass roots levels that can reach out not only to children but to the general population. Sports should be promoted for the involvement of every member of the community. Today, sports had become so commercially competitive that it has restricted in engaging people who are athletic while repelling other members of society that are not sporty. Meanwhile, government should also promote other alternative physical activities that do not necessarily involve sports such as engaging in recreational activities like hiking, swimming and simply strolling. Incidentally, biking should also be promoted by providing biking lanes among others. Moreover, it should also campaign against sedentary activities such as watching television, playing computer games and the like.

In all these endeavors, media plays a central role in educating the public. Media should help in the campaign by promoting healthy eating habits and physical exercise. In most instances, media plays a double edge sword. It provides information about health and obesity yet it advertises and promotes junk food and TV watching, which in most instances have a greater effect on shaping children’s minds and behavior.

Finally, eating moderately and properly and engaging in a health active lifestyle is ultimately an individual choice. Since every learning starts in the family, parents also play a central role in teaching and instilling the sense of discipline among children in following these preventive measures against obesity. People clearly know what to do to fight off obesity. What we they need is to empower them to do these things.

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