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Coffee for Diabetics

Posted on July 5, 2020 | No Comments on Coffee for Diabetics

People love to drink coffee to awaken their spirits, to pass time, to relax, to keep themselves full, and for whatever reason. It is very common for people to drink coffee in the morning. In fact some people only drink coffee for breakfast. Because of this, there are many studies that have been conducted to see the benefits of coffee.

One of the breakthrough findings about coffee is discovered by a UCLA study which states that people who regularly drinks coffee at least four cups day are less likely to develop diabetes compared to non-coffee drinkers. Coffee helps enhance body’s tolerance to glucose by increasing metabolism and lowering insulin resistance. Coffee lowers the risk of getting diabetes by 60%. But how exactly do coffees do this? According to the research, the protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is what lowers insulin resistance. And drinking coffee regularly help increase SHBG in people.

Incidentally, this is also why some studies found out that drinking coffee also helps maintain active sex life for many people. The effectiveness of coffee in preventing the development of diabetes was also shown a study using rats. Aside from helping in decreasing the chance of getting diabetes, coffee also helps reduce liver inflammatory problems due to chemicals. Meanwhile, while coffee helps in lowering the risk of diabetes, the drink still contains caffeine, which is not good for the body. It is the addictive element of coffee.

While coffee is good for decreasing the chance of developing diabetes, it is not that good for diabetic people. Coffee is only good in preventing diabetes but it does not help in curing, treating and managing diabetes. Still, it is advisable for diabetic people to drink coffee in moderation and if possible, using sugar substitutes in drinking coffee.

Finally, when studies claim the coffee is good for one’s health, this coffee usually pertains to brewed coffee. The instant coffee that people normally drink is not that beneficial because it is already processed.

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