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Coffee-Diabetes link

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Does coffee really help in reducing the risk for diabetes? What components contribute to this beneficial effect? These were just some of the interesting questions raised on “Metabolic Stimuli: The Association between Coffee and Diabetes” by Dr. Marie Yvette Rosales-Amante.

Dr. Rosales-Amante explained that coffee consumption is associated with improved glucose tolerance and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes in diverse populations, such as that of the United States, some countries in Europe, and Japan.

A 2006 review by Robb M. van Dam and colleagues published in Diabetes Care discussed the strength of the evidence, relevant mechanisms, possible implications, and directions for further research.

According to one finding, a higher consumption of decaffeinated coffee contributes to a reduced risk for type 2 diabetes. This suggests that coffee components other than caffeine play a significant role. Some components that may contribute to coffee’s beneficial effect include chlorogenic acids and lignans.

Further research on these phytochemicals may lead to the identification of novel mechanisms on the effects of diet on the development of type 2 diabetes. Aside from this, knowledge on the effects of coffee components may aid in the development or selection of varieties of coffee with improved health effects.

Although coffee may have positive effects on health, physicians do not recommend taking coffee as a preventive measure against type 2 diabetes. Proper diet, regular physical activity, and weight management are still the best strategies to combat diabetes and its complications.

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