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Coffee and Tea may lower Brain Cancer Risk

More than the caffeine fix, coffee and tea may reduce one’s risk of suffering from brain cancer. According to a research by Dominique Michaud, DSc, of Brown University, consuming coffee or tea (100 mL. or more) in a day is linked to the decrease in risk for glioma, one type of brain tumor, by 34 percent.

Researchers have found out that the men, who are more inclined to drink tea or coffee according to the research, are most likely to have reduced risk of glioma than women.

“During the study period, there were 343 cases of glioma (165 men and 178 women) and 245 cases of meningioma (54 men and 191 women) diagnosed,” according to the findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition as reported by Katrina Woznicki. “The meninges are the tissues surrounding and protecting the brain and spinal cord. There was no association of the amount of coffee and tea drunk daily and the development of meningioma.”

A “protective effect” against various brain tumors can be credited to coffee’s and tea’s high-antioxidant factors, according to researchers.

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