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Cod Fish for Diabetics

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Cod fish (genus Gadus) refers to species of types of fish under the genus Gadus but usually pertain to the edible fishes Atlantic cod and the Pacific cod. These are the two types of Cod fish which are famous as a food for their mild taste and a solid, peeling white flesh. The livers of the Cod are also popularly processed to create cod liver capsules which are great sources of vitamins A, D, E and Omega 3 fatty acids.

As food for diabetics, the codfish is considered an excellent food primarily because it has no sugar. In general, fishes like codfish are better than red meat (beef or pork) because of its dietetic qualities. It has no sugar and has fewer calories. It has more protein for growth. It has linoleic acid and omega 3 which help lower bad cholesterol in the blood, increase good cholesterol, decrease the triglycerides or bad fats, prevent the platelet aggregation or blood clotting, and suppress cancer reproduction. Cod Fish is rich in calcium for bone stability and prevention of osteoporosis. It is rich in phosphorus, for brain and nerve functioning. It is rich in potassium for the healthy operation of the heart muscles. It is rich in iodine for proper regulation of thyroid gland. It is rich in fluoride preventing teeth cavities.

Finally, the fish is very rich in vitamins A, D and complex B, which is primarily attributed to the fish’s main food which is plankton, organisms that live that are with the ocean current and serves as the crucial source of food for many marine creatures. Meanwhile the popular cod liver oil, which usually comes in capsules, is great antioxidant that helps people feeling and looking younger. It also lowers Homocystine for preventing heart attacks.

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