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Claw Foot and Hand Treatment Diabetes

Claw foot or claw toes is a medical condition where your toes or hand bend into a claw-like position. This is recognizable when the bottom half of your toe points up while the top half bends down. Because the toes are not properly position, a person with claw foot is vulnerable to corns or calluses as the toes often rub against your shoes.

Claw foot or claw toes can be a natural deformity of the toes from birth. They can also occur after an ankle injury or surgery. Moreover, it can be caused by nerve damage to your feet which makes foot muscles weaker due to a heart stroke or diabetes.

For diabetic patients, claw foot or toes can occur because the high levels of blood sugar can lead to nerve damage, especially the distal nerves in the feet or hands which in turn can lead to claw foot or claw hands.

Treatment and medical care for claw foot and hands depend upon its underlying cause. In some cases, a simple taping of the toes or a splint is place to correct the toes position. However this only applies if the toes remain flexible. For toes that are not flexible or have become stiff, surgery may be needed where the bone in base of the toes is shortened to have it straightened out. If claw foot is caused by diabetes, it is important to keep your sugar levels down in order to correct your nerves. However, more often than not, claw foot or hands is an indication of the diabetic complication as nerve damages are severe.

People suffering from claw foot and hands can take home care remedies in order to prevent any further harm. One can work out the toes to maintain its flexibility. One should avoid tight shoes. One can also massage the toes regularly or roll one’s feet on the round bottle to regulate the blood circulation in the feet.

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