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Cinnamon: Treatment for Diabetes

Previous studies have established that cinnamon has beneficial effects on diabetes patients as it can decrease insulin resistance to lower blood sugar levels.

Capitalizing on that idea,Sri Lanka, the world’s largest exporter of cinnamon, has started experimenting on its healing power as a treatment for diabetes and cholesterol, and as a cinnamon-based medicinal product.

A team from the medical faculty of the Peradeniya State University has been working on these experiments. Said D. B. T. Wijeratne, additional secretary of the Agriculture Ministry, “We have found cinnamon is workingfor diabetes and cholesterol and several other illnesses. Rather than giving it as a raw material to the world we are looking to promote it as a medicinal finished product.”

In testing the effects of cinnamon on diabetes, two groups of type 2 diabetes patients were tested over a period of 40 days. One was a control group while members of the other group were given a daily dose of one, three, or six grams of cinnamon powder in capsules after meals. Within weeks, they all responded with blood sugar levels that were, on average, 20 percent lower than those of the control group. Some even achieved normal blood sugar levels. However, when the cinnamon supplementation was stopped, their glucose levels began to increase again. Aside from lowering blood glucose levels, cinnamon also lowered fat and bad cholesterol content in the blood.

“Cinnamon is already being used as a functional food, and it would be a natural medical product once the experiments are successful,” said Wijeratne. He further emphasized that they will pursue extensive experimentation and testing to guarantee its safety before releasing it in the market.

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