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Chocolates for Diabetics

Posted on November 23, 2020 | No Comments on Chocolates for Diabetics

Having diabetes does not necessarily preclude one from eating anything although in controlled quantities. This included chocolates, which aside from its appetizing taste also has other benefits. What makes chocolate harmful for diabetics is its sugar content. However, there are other types of chocolates which are more apt for diabetics. Chief of which is dark chocolate.

Dark chocolates are safer that typical chocolates because it primarily contains less sugar and more cocoa (approximately 70%) which accounts for its relatively bitter taste compared to ordinary milk chocolates. Moreover, Dark chocolate is also rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, which are plant substances that act as antioxidants and that might also help prevent heart disease and lower blood glucose levels. Because of this, diabetics can eat a little more dark chocolate than an ordinary milk chocolate. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that a diabetic can indulge in dark chocolate. One can only eat extra more. A more bitter chocolate would be safer because that means it contains more cocoa than sugar. Incidentally, white chocolate has cocoa and is not advisable because it is higher in calories and saturated fat.

One can also opt to eat what is termed as diabetic chocolate. This type of chocolate is especially designed for people with diabetes. A diabetic chocolate is essentially chocolate except that it used a sugar substitute such as polyols (sugar alcohols) maltitol and sorbitol as sweetener. This type of chocolate is even safer than chocolates because it does not contain sugar.

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