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Chickenpox Treatment

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Chickenpox is a viral disease caused by the varicella zoster characterized by pinkish spots similar to blisters that spread all over a patient’s body. The small spots are itchy which can be burdensome to the patients and can be accompanied by runny nose, cough and sometimes even fever. Other symptoms of chicken pox include aching muscles, loss of appetite and nausea. Some children may have breathing difficulties or experience chest pains. In which case, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor.

The disease often starts with a fever live and the rashes start to appear in 1 or 2 days. In worst cases, rashes also emerge in ones ears and mouth making it hard for patients to eat. The blisters or rashes continue to appear in different areas up until a few days depending on the immune system of the patient, starts get cloudy and burst and dry up leaving scars on the skin. It usually around two weeks until the all blisters dry up and the disease become less contagious.

Generally, the chicken pox would dry out and without treatment. Besides, there is really no medication or treatment to “cure” it. However, some patients are administered with paracetamol for fever and muscle pains. Some doctors may prescribe calamine lotions or cooling gels to reduce itching and prevent patients from scratching the rashes, which may leave permanent scars. It is important to avoid scratching the rashes to prevent further contamination of the body. For kids with chicken pox, it would be advisable to keep their fingers short and clean or have them wear mittens. Patients should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

For mouth sores, parents can provide sugar free popsicles to alleviate the soreness and avoid preparing salty or spicy foods which could add to the itchiness.

Herbal Remedies for Chicken Pox

Baking soda – it will help control the irritation of chicken pox. Just add 1 spoon of baking soda and mix with hot water. Get a cotton ball and soak it in the baking soda mix, then apply on the chicken pox skin area.

Ginger – boil bits of ginger in water, then soak a cotton ball and apply on skin.

Vinegar – mix 1 cup of vinegar in a pail of water, then take a bath using the vinegar mix. It will help quickly heal the wounds of chicken pox.

Hydrating diet – using fruits and soup.

Slices of onion – to absorb airborne virus to help prevent chicken pox from spreading at home. Chicken pox is highly contagious, need to have fresh slices of onions spread near person with chicken pox.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One of the best ways to fight off the occurrence of chicken pox is by having kids vaccinated. The vaccine basically injects a slight amount of the virus in the body so that it can generate the immune system that can combat the chicken pox virus when contamination occurs.

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