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Chicken Liver for Diabetics

Chicken Liver is one of the best and nutritious parts of the chicken. It is cooked in different ways such as by adding it in pansit, adobo, menudo and other local delicacies. Chicken liver is especially popular for vitamin K, which is helpful for blood clotting. When one is wounded, blood clotting occurs during which platelets of the blood stick together to cover would and prevent continuous bleeding thereby allowing the wound to heal.

The essential role of Vitamin K is in facilitating the clotting of blood properly. Because of this, many people especially diabetic patients have become afraid of eating chicken liver. Diabetic patients usually experience blood clot risk. This is especially true for people with insulin resistance whose blood contain high levels of a protein called fibrinogen, which is the is ingredient that makes blood thick and easy to clot. There is a misconception among diabetic patients that eating chicken liver increases the risk of blood clot because vitamin K reinforces that clotting of blood. Thus, diabetic patients who are insulin resistant may increase their chances of getting random blood in their vessels. It must be noted that while vitamin K help in facilitating clotting of blood normally, having too much of it is not a factor in leading to abnormal blood clots which leads to strokes. In short, eating chicken liver is safe for diabetics including those with insulin resistance.

In fact, eating liver is recommended for people with diabetes, who specially suffers from the slow blood clotting and whose wounds stay fresh longer and does not heal easily. The vitamin K in chicken liver helps in normalizing blood clotting so that wounds heal faster. Aside from Vitamin K, chicken liver is also rich in Vitamin B complex which helps prevent the inflammation of wounds and helps boost body immune system. It also provides the body with Vitamins A and C, and important omega fatty acids.

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