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Cheap Diet Meal Plan for Diabetics

Meal management is a chief factor in managing one’s diabetes. Fortunately for them, the meals that a diabetic should have are actually very cheap. One can simply create menus from the cheapest set of vegetables that can in fact be grown in one’s backyard. To wit, one can use malunggay, saluyot, ampalaya, talbos ng kamote, okra, pechay, talong and kamatis, among other common vegetables to make different types of meals. Instead of eating pork or beef, one can use fish such as galungong, tilapia or bangus as sahog for all meals. In preparing vegetable dishes, it is important that the vegetables be thoroughly washed with water because it is common practice among Filipino farmers to use chemicals and fertilizers that can prove to be harmful to bodies in the long run unless of course one buys organic products and use vegetables grown from one’s own backyard.

Meanwhile, the diabetes should minimize if not avoid rice, which unfortunately is the Filipino’s staple food. Rice is essentially broken down to sugar one’s digested. A perfect meal for a diabetic would therefore involve munching on vegetables. However, avoid on putting condiments such as soy sauce, patis or even ketchup, because they can increase appetite and increase food intake.

For desserts, instead of eating processed food like cake, pastries and other sweet snacks, one can opt to eat fruits instead. There are a wide variety of cheap fruits in the Philippines such as guava, manga, santol, lanzones and others. The trick is to buy these fruits during their season so that prices would be cheaper.

Finally, instead of drinking juices, sodas or other drinks, one can simply drink water. Water is a naturally cleansing liquid.

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