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Caviar and Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by an excessive increase of blood glucose levels. There are three categories of diabetes, namely: Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes usually occurs in children, wherein the body won’t produce insulin to convert glucose into energy. For Type 2 Diabetes, this occurs at any age wherein the body could not produce enough insulin to perform its function. Lastly, Gestational Diabetes can only be diagnosed to those women during pregnancy.

Diabetes and Diet
When uncontrolled, Diabetes can lead to serious complications such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), glaucoma, hypertension, heart problems and foot ulcers. Therefore, it is very important that a diabetic patient knows how to control his blood sugar level and always have a list to keep it on track.

Aside from controlling the blood sugar level, a person with diabetes should also be vigilant when it comes to his diet. He or she must avoid foods that would immediately convert into blood sugar. There are six foods recommended in maintaining blood sugar levels. The list of food is:
• Porridge
• Spinach, broccoli and green beans
• Strawberries
• Lean meats and salmons
• Sparkling water
• Cinnamon

In addition to this list, it has been discovered that eggs from marine animals known as “roe” is a good source of food that would help in maintaining the blood sugar level. Roe contains high level of omega-3 fatty acid that helps the body to decrease insulin resistance. With this, the insulin can convert glucose to energy effectively, resulting in a lower blood sugar level.

Caviar and Diabetes: Food preparation
Caviar is a luxurious type of food that consists of salt-cured fish eggs. A caviar diet can also be prepared easily at home. If you have a family member who has diabetes, it would be best to prepare a meal with caviar as an ingredient. Sharon Palmer, a freelancer and a registered dietician, prepared a main dish of caviar. You may prepare the meal with the following ingredients:
• French/Italian bread
• Low-fat margarine spread
• Hard-boiled egg (chopped)
• Red/black caviar (chilled)
• Drill sprig (fresh)

Diabetes may not be curable, but complications can be prevented with regular monitoring and proper diet.

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