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New Genes tied to Puberty and Body Fat in Females

April 11, 2012 Category :Healthy News 0

Recent studies showed the discovery of 30 genes that control the timing of puberty and body weight regulation in females.

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City Living Impairs Memory

April 9, 2012 Category :Healthy News 0

The brain health of city dwellers must be paying the price of convenience of the urban landscape. With so many distractions – neon signs, numerous cellphone conversations, and other sights and sounds not available to rural areas, city dwellers begin to practice “controlled perception”.

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Coffee and Tea may lower Brain Cancer Risk

April 8, 2012 Category :Healthy News 0

More than the caffeine fix, coffee and tea may reduce one’s risk of suffering from brain cancer. According to a research by Dominique Michaud, DSc, of Brown University, consuming coffee or tea (100 mL. or more) in a day is linked to the decrease in risk for glioma, one type of brain tumor, by 34 percent.

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