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Candesartan and Diabetes

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Candesartan is an angiotensin or hormone that causes narrowing of the blood vessels by contracting of blood vessels that in turn increase in blood pressure and is mainly use for the treatment of hypertension. This hormone initiates the contraction of the peripheral blood vessels and stimulates the creation of aldosterone, a hormone which helps salt and water retention in by the kidneys that also increases the volume of fluid in the blood vessels.

While candesartan is primarily used for the treatment of hypertension and prevention of incongestive heart, certain studies also show that patients taking candesartan also reduces the chance of developing diabetes among high blood patients. Many studies has confirmed that candesartan has indeed has the effect of reducing or preventing the development of diabetes but scientists are still hypothesizing as to what causes these effects. Some experts suggest that candesartan helps in preventing insulin resistance in the muscle of the skeleton. Others theorize that the hormone help preserve islet cells in the pancreas, which is the organ used for producing and regulating sugar in the body. Still others believe that candesartan helps the liver to become more sensitive to insulin changes.

At the moment, numerous scientific studies and surveys validate the ability of candesartan in preventing the development of diabetes which is especially helpful for patients with high blood pressure. However, scientists are still unaware of how it really works in the prevention, although everybody else is excited of the promising health side effects of candesartan in treating and preventing diabetes. In the meantime, diabetic patients should still refrain from the use of drugs with candesartan for treating their diabetes. At the moment, only patients with high blood pressure are prescribed to take drugs with candesartan and inadvertently enjoy its side effects of preventing the development of diabetes.

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