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Can Diabetics drink Diet Soda like Coke Zero?

Yes and No. Diabetics can and cannot drink diet Soda like Coke Zero but should not drink it on a regular basis. Diet Sodas like Coke Zero are technically speaking calorie free. They have very few if no zero sugar in them. They are ideally designed for people who want to lose weight or prevent sugar-related diseases like diabetes. Instead of sugar, diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose. However, since diet sodas are carbonated beverage it contains sodium which is dangerous for high blood pressure or kidney problems which diabetics are at great risk.

Moreover, another study showed that diet soda associated with depression. People who drink diet sodas are most probably depressed. Hence, it would not be advisable to drink diet soda as it may trigger, initiate, or facilitate depression of a diabetic patient.

Finally, while diet sodas and beverages look harmless for diabetics, an observation study showed a correlation between diet soda and the metabolic syndrome including diabetes which means that drinking diet sodas increase the risk of getting diabetes.

In lieu of the above, it is advised that diabetics drink diet sodas occasionally if there is a craving for a soda. However, it is not recommended to be drunk on regular basis. It is further recommended that a diabetic patient avoid sodas in general and instead drink more healthy beverages such as natural fruit juices.

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