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Calamansi for Weight Loss

Posted on January 30, 2021 | No Comments on Calamansi for Weight Loss

Calamansi or golden lime is a small citrus fruit popular in the Philippines and primarily used as condiment. It is usually added to soy sauce or fish sauce as well as directly to dishes to provide sour taste or flavour to food. As a citrus fruit, calamansi is also used to make juices.

Lately, there has been a talk in town about calamansi especially in this figure conscious modern generation because of its effectiveness in reducing weight. According to testaments, calamansi is effective is helping people lose weight. While no formal study had yet been made to validate the effectiveness of calamansi in weight loss, many experts attribute its effectiveness in its two beneficial effects.

First, the calamansi helps boost body metabolism. Helping the body develop faster metabolism in turn allows the body to burn fats faster and more effectively. Secondly, calamansi juice eliminates the toxins that stores fat for faster weight loss. Toxins that stores fat in the intestines are flushed out of the body. Meanwhile, the vitamin C rich fruit helps enhance rejuvenate skin and make people look younger, which is also associated with weight loss.

To achieve the benefits of calamansi for weight loss, one simply needs to prepare a calamansi juice drink using hot water for more effective results. Hot water helps the calorie to burn faster. Some people claim that for more effective results, one should drink pure calamansi juice every morning before breakfast, which also had an added value of cleansing the body from all toxins.

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