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Cakes for Diabetics

Posted on March 30, 2020 | No Comments on Cakes for Diabetics

One of the biggest problems of diabetic patients that can affect their well being is the dietary restrictions that are imposed on them especially in eating sweets. Diabetic patients are refrained from eating sweets because the sugar contained in those sweets can directly increase their blood sugar levels which they body cannot regulate. Fortunately, there are cake recipes that are good for diabetics.

For one, the use of sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners can be used for baking. Sugar substitutes like Equal and NutraSweet are food additives that replicate the sweet taste of sugar without the food energy content. Sugar is the main ingredient which makes eating sweets risky for diabetics. Thus, the principal way to make sweets delicacies such as cakes safe for diabetics is to replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners. This pertains to both sugar in the cake as well as sugar used for the icing or decorations inside and outside the cake.

However, it must be noted that people with phenylketonuria should refrain from taking sugars with aspartame. Aside from artificial sweeteners, another ingredient substitute for sugar are sugar alcohols or polyols such as Maltitol, Xylitol and Sorbitol. These sugar alcohols have little to no effect on blood sugar levels. Moreover, it would also be advisable to substitute flour used in baking with almond meal because they have lower carbohydrate content. This can be made simply by roasting and saturating fresh almonds.

Another way of making cakes for diabetics is by putting nutritious and safe ingredients for diabetics in the cake such as fruits and nuts. Among the most popular diabetic cakes that one can bake included the Low Fat banana walnut cake, Blackcurrant teabread, Rich fruit ring cake and the Sugar Free Fruitcake. Notice that sugar free means the use of artificial sweeteners. On the other hand, most of the cakes are made of fruits, nuts and other spices.

Despite being safe, it is till advisable for diabetic patients to regulate food intake or eat moderately. While sugar free cakes are safe, indulging oneself is still risky.

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