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Cafe Adriatico: Eastern Delight

Looking for a Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant that has a relaxing ambience? Wanting for a feel of the old times: antiques, woods, paintings and classical music? Then you must try Café Adriatico.

Café Adriatico opened on January 1980. The concept came from its founder, Mr. Larry Cruz, a former journalist. A frequent traveler, Mr. Cruz got the idea from Parisian sidewalks. He named the restaurant after the street where the first branch is on (Adriatico St., Remedios Circle, Malate). The restaurant became a hit through word of mouth. Even showbiz personalities go to this restaurant. It is said that Café Adriatico was the first restaurant to have a café ambience. The Cruz family placed some of their antique collections in the Malate branch.

Some of its signature dishes are Akuwa’ (Yemeni oxtail), which was first served during the 1980’s, Garlic Soup Catalan, Seafood Linguini, and Salad Premier. Another “first” that the Café serves is its chocolate e. It is a thick chocolate drink that they first served during the 80’s. The drink is made of pure cocoa powder.

Backed by a team of credible chefs, the café serves fabulous dishes at competitive prices. A budget of PhP 400 to PhP 500 is good enough per head. The restaurant also serves Filipino dishes. In fact other favorites apart from Akuwa’ and Seafood Linguini are Lola Ising’s Adobo and luglog.

Café Adriatico gave rise to Manila café society and spawned a chain of delightful bistros developed by its founder.

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