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Caesar Salad for Diabetics

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Caesar salad is a type of vegetable salad which is primarily made of romaine lettuce and croutons and is dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, boiled egg, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and black pepper. Some people add wine of vinegar. In the Philippines, it is also commonly added with mayonnaise. The salad is usually prepared as a side dish and has become very popular because of it is healthy. The creation of Caesar salad is commonly attributed to a famous Italian chef and restaurant owner in the US, Caesar Cardini, from where the name of the salad was accordingly derived.

There are different variations of the Caesar salad but its main ingredient lettuce is always there. For diabetics, the original ingredients for Caesar salad is just ok because it essentially fibrous and therefore safe. However the local Filipino Caesar salad which adds mayonnaise and skimmed milk can be altered to make it safer by using low fat mayonnaise and low fat milk.

One serving of Caesars salad approximately has 55 Calories, 4 grams of fat, 6 mg of Cholesterol and 2 grams of Carbohydrate and 1 gram sugar. Based on this nutritional content, Caesars salad is a healthy choice for diabetics. However, it does not treat diabetes nor control blood sugar but at least helps in managing the disease.

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