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Caci Clinic Philippines

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Caci Clinic Philippines or Caci Face and Body Care Centre is a wellness clinic haven that integrates Dermatics Skin Health System with its Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI) that delivers an all-in-one anti-aging science and a luxurious treatment for Face and Body Skin Regeneration in a soothing environment.

The CACI Face and Body Care Centre started in 2007 with the advent of the HJ Dermatech Corporation through the initiative of Helen Jocson-Sanao whose beauty and wellness modern clinic provides a viable alternative to surgery. As the Forefront of Anti-aging Science and Technology”, the Caci clinic aims of providing cutting edge solutions to any face and body concerns of people through the MD Dermatics and CACI technology.

At the heart of Caci Clinic are the CACI machines that uses microcurrent, ultrasound and laser that is blended with MD Dermatics Skin Health Products which have been clinically proven to treat and alleviate skin problems such as melasma, hyper-pigmentation (sun-induced spots, age spots and freckles), acne, pimples, enlarged pores, rough and uneven textured skin, scars and blemishes, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines and dry, thin and sensitive skin.

Among the services offered by Caci clinic included non surgical complete face and body regeneration, such as Anti-ageing Facial, Cellulite Treatment, Back Congestion, Deep Wrinkle Treatment, Stretch Marks/ Scar Tissue, Acne /Blemish/ Pigmentation, Aged Hands Treatment, Face Lifting, Hydratone Facial, Body Contouring, Line & Wrinkles and Cellulite. It also provides laser light treatments using Pulse Light, Bipolar Radio Frequency and High energy Freezing Technology for pigments, rejuvenation/ photo facial,hair removal and vascular. Other services included dermatologic surgery for Diseases of the Skin, Hair and Nails, Acne and Acne Scars Management, Vein treatment, Botox and Fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma.

Product of Caci clinic under the MD Dermatics skin health system included C-Cleansing Lotion, C – Cleanse Clarifying Wash, Gentle wash for Dry and Sensitive Skin, Soothing Splash Toner, Soothing Splash Toner II for acne prone skin, Sun Protection Complex SPF36 with Z-Cote, PureLight Essence Skin Brightener, LiftOffExfoliant, NightLight Essence, Acne Spot Corrector, RevitaPlus Brightener, the MD DermaticsRevitaPeel Skin Correction Program, DayCalmSoothingMoisturizer, Collagen Nutrient Masque, Oxygen Therapy cream, PeelPlus, Ultra Skin Revitalizer, Wrinkle Diffuser Eye Radiance Complex, C10 Vitamin C+E Serum, Eye Cream Essence, C5 Vitamin C+E Serum and MaxFirm eye Relief.

CACI Centre Philippines or MD Dermatics Skin Centre is located at the G/F 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines Phone: 816.2594 Fax: 752.7828 Hotline: 382.1368 Mobile: 0917.8333376.

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