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Bubbly Urine and Diabetes

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Bubbles in urine can be a symptom of diabetes because diabetes can cause bubbles in urine due to high level of blood sugar. The bubbles can be an indication of renal damages. Medically called proteinuria and characterized by bubbles that does not disappear after long time, these bubbles results from the damage of the filtration functions of the kidney because of high blood sugar level. Because of this, there is presence of an excess of serum proteins in the urine, which causes the foamy bubbles. The presence of too much protein in urine is also called albuminuria.

Bubbles in urine however is not a tell tale sign of diabetes because bubbles in the urine can be caused by many factors. For instance, pregnant women usually experience bubbles in their urine because they experience a temporary kidney enlargement and the presence of more amino acids or proteins that they need to filter. Bubbles in urine can also be due to Mild Dehydration, because concentrated urine tends to bubble. Thus, drinking plenty of water will do the trick to address this problem. Bubbles in urine can also be produced during rapid urination as air is caught in the gushing urine. Finally, other causes of bubbles in urine included Urinary Tract Infections and Vesicocolic Fistula.

In order to check if bubbles in urine is indeed a symptom of diabetes, it would be best to check if one is experiencing other symptoms of diabetes such as fatigue, frequent urination, Excessive thirst, Increased hunger, Weight loss, Lack of interest and concentration, A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet, Blurred vision, Frequent infections, Slow-healing wounds and vomiting and stomach pain. If these symptoms come with your experience of having bubbles in urine, it is best to immediately consult a doctor and have yourself checked for diabetes for early management or prevention.

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