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Sleep apnea can disturb a good night’s sleep but it can be solved through different methods. Chief among them is to simply avoid lying on your back when you sleep to prevent the blockage of your 1/400 airway.

However, if this method does not help in curbing your dis-rupted sleep (especially if you are the type who moves around a lot while asleep), you may want to ask your doctor if surgery would be the better solution. Or, if you are in favor of noninvasive treatments, there is the option of using a CPAP machine.

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine can serve as a breathing aid to those with respiratory problems, but it was originally de-signed to combat sleep apnea. The machine is composed of an air pump connected to a tube and mask and the user simply has to wear the mask to sleep. Consult your doctor first about the advisability of using a CPAP machine based on your condition, especially because it is quite an invest-ment to make: a CPAP machine can cost anywhere from PhP 18,000 to as much as PhP 50,000.

Here are four common brands available in the country. You can look for them in specialty shops and bigger drugstore chains that also sell medical equipment. There are also a lot of online resellers and importers who can give you discounted prices (just make sure that they are legitimate and have proper licenses!).

Orion CPAP
This CPAP machine boasts of an advanced motor and impeller design to deliver the most exact pressure, which can be changed in 0.5 cm H20 increments. It also comes with an international power supply support¬ing from 110 to 240 AC current, so you do not have to worry about bringing your unit anywhere.

DeVilbiss CPAP 9000
The DeVilbiss 9000 series is the quietest model in the market and is also one of the most compact at only 3.6 lbs and 4 in. in height. The keypad and digital display makes data monitoring more convenient for the patient and doctors and/or nurses. It also features altitude adjustment to cope with the changes in elevation when travelling from place to place.

Invacare Polaris EX
This CPAP machine employs its trademark “SoftX” technol-ogy, coined from the words “soft exhalation”, which lends a more comfortable, natural feel for CPAP breathing. This unit also features a touch pad at the top of the unit for easier setup and operation for pa-tients and healthcare agents alike.

The ReSmart is a low-noise, “intelligent” CPAP machine that features an auto-startup and alerts for off-line tubing and accidental power-off during use. This last ele-ment is especially important to alert the user or the nurses if ever the unit stops functioning in the middle of the night.

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