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Bread Time Story Minus the Sugar

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Some time ago back to the Neolithic era, the first slice of bread, probably made from roasted, ground cereal grains and water, was produced. Historians noted that accidental cooking or deliberate experimentation with water and grain flour led to this evolution of bread. Through the practical means of producing it—with just flour, yeast, salt, and water—bread is one of the oldest prepared foods that exists until this day.

Among Filipinos, it is a basic necessity. Aside from its simple taste that suits the locals’ palate, bread is basically affordable and readily available.

An Israeli nutritionist, Olga Raz, author of The Bread for Life Diet, wrote that eating generous amounts of bread every day will reduce cravings and help a person lose 20 pounds in eight weeks. This is among the cogent proofs that bread keeps one in the pink of health.

Over time, however, bread ingredients increased to include mixed dried fruits, jams, and other spices. The list even goes on to include additional modifications—to the flavor, texture, even the nutritional content. Thus, choosing which among the class is truly healthy, especially for people with diabetes, becomes difficult.

Accordingly, we listed some sugar-free breads ideal for diabetic bread lovers. One may consume these to fill hunger without causing guilt in every bite (but of course, you still need to watch your portion sizes).

Walter Sugar Free Wheat Bread
For a “great tasting bread without the sugar”, try the Walter Sugar Free Wheat Bread. It features isomalt—ensuring the product’s original, delightful flavor minus the sugar, and offers low glycemic carbohydrate—contributing to weight control and reduction. Walter’s Sugar Free Wheat Bread is 97 percent fat-free and has more vitamins and minerals with less salt and zero bromated flour. It is available in loaf and pandesal.

Gardenia Sugar Free 12-Grain Loaf
Containing a healthful mix of 12 different high-quality whole grains and seeds, Gardenia’s Sugar Free 12-Grain Loaf features great tasting bread without the calories of sugar. It claims to be effectively helpful in fighting cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Nature’s Own Sugar Free 100% Whole Grain Wheat
Offering the nutritional benefits of whole grain with no sugar, Nature’s Own Sugar Free Wheat is also ideal for bread lovers with diabetes. It has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors; has no fructose corn syrup; has 0 grams of trans fat and no cholesterol. It offers 12 grams of whole grain per slice—recommending a good source of fiber.

Marby Sugar Free White Bread
With high fiber and 0 trans fatty acids, Marby Sugar Free White Bread is a healthy bread that claims to “taste like no other.” It serves as a helpful diet aid in reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes—without the sugar.

No doubt, bread is a daily necessity. Not only does it offer affordability and availability; but, through man’s innovations—it has become a staple in health buffs’ dietary meals.

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