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Blue Tortillas Good for Diabetics

Great news for tortilla-loving diabetics and dieters! A study done in Mexico has shown that tortillas made out of blue corn have lower glycemic index and lesser starch compared to the white ones.

Blue tortillas have been found to contain 20 percent more protein, making it healthier than the white tortillas. Corn becomes blue due to the presence of anthocyanins, which are similar to the healthy compounds found in purple berries and red wine.

The glycemic index ranks carbohydrates according to its effects on one’s blood glucose levels. Blue tortillas are therefore highly recommended for diabetics and dieters because of its low glycemic index that help reduce major changes in levels of insulin and blood glucose. Eating food with low glycemic index may also contribute to long-term benefits and may help prevent risks of heart disease and diabetes. It also aids in weight loss and maintenance.

According to Juscelino Tovar; one of the study authors, the lower glycemic index in blue tortillas play a crucial role in controlling and preventing metabolic syndrome and other complications that bring about heart disease, stroke and even diabetes.

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