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Black Tea Treatment for Diabetes

Tea is second to water as the most drank liquid in the world. It is especially popular in China and in the Middle East. Tea had been known to have great health benefits to people. Lately however, its medicinal benefit had been tremendously expanded as the promising cure for diabetes.

Tea or black tea, in particular had been investigated to have properties that can help regulate insulin and potentially cure diabetes which has affected millions of people across the world. Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized or the drying process of the leaves of the tea plant called Camellia sinensis. It generally has a stronger flavour.

In a study in Tianjin Key Laboratory in China, it found out that the Polysaccharides of the tea can retard the absorption of glucose. The polysaccharides in black tea had the most glucose-inhibiting properties. The study is not yet conclusive though. In another study in the University of Dundee and University of Edinburgh, the study the effects of tea in cell aging and discovered that the theaflavins in the tea stimulate the same chemical changes like those of insulin in cells. The theaflavins also contain or control the PEPCK genes associated with glucose processing in the liver. Thus, theaflavins essentially have similar insulin-like effects that can possibly help in treating diabetes.

The studies are still in the experimental stage and have not trully established if the polyphenols in the black tea are adequately bio available to act the human body. This means that it is yet to be tested to truly exhibit the same effect when consumed by humans. However, the promising results can help definitely help in dietary interventions for preventing the occurrence of diabetes and cellular aging. Up until then, people are advised not to go rushing to drink black tea in the hope that it will cure diabetes. What is sure however, is that the tea helps in boosting immunity and antihypertensive properties.

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