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Birth Control Pills and Diabetes

There exists a close link between blood sugar level and the incidence of birth defects in the offspring as well as miscarriage among women with diabetes. Hence, it is important for diabetic women to be especially cautious in getting pregnant. Unfortunately, some methods of contraception particularly the use of birth control pills can have an effect on blood sugar making it harder for diabetic women to control their diabetes. Thus, it is important for diabetic women to consult doctors before taking pills.

Birth control pills essentially fall under two categories: pills which contain Oestrogen and progestin; and pills which only contain progestin. Pills which contain only progestin don’t cause changes in blood glucose control. However, those which contain oestrogen and progestin tend to cause irregular shifts in blood glucose levels or a slight loss of control in blood sugars that is feared to lead to increased risk of diabetes complications such as High blood pressure.

However, this slight loss of control in blood sugars only occurs at the onset. Once the woman has adjusted, the use of said pills generally become safe. In line with this, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) advises using a combination pill with norgestimate and a synthetic estrogen. This diabetic authority also maintains that women with diabetes can safely use oral contraceptives including birth control injections and implants, which can only affect blood sugar levels to a little extent.

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