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Best Weight-Loss Diet?

Posted on January 14, 2020 | No Comments on Best Weight-Loss Diet?

Question: What is the best weight-loss diet in the world?

Answer: There are numerous diets available for the picking. The choice is yours. Before you end up confused by all the literature on losing weight, stop for a moment.

The word “diet” alone already connotes something negative, doesn’t it? In your mind you are thinking of deprivation. And for this reason alone, adopting a diet (whether fad or not) may not work best for you.

In my experience, if you eat a proper, balanced meal plan of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, protein and fats (yes, the body needs good fat, as in omega 3 fatty acids from fish) you will not gain weight.

Moderation is the key. This is the best diet of all. But here’s a secret: Drink two glasses of lukewarm water 30-45 minutes before a meal to reduce food cravings, avoid consuming sweets at night, decrease/avoid alcohol consumption (this is a form of sugar), cut down your daily intake of rice/pasta/bread/crackers by half the usual portion, eat a bowl of fresh green salad before a meal, eat more fish and chicken (minus the skin), and take a hot cup of fresh ginger tea to promote good digestion.

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