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Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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Everyday, literally hundreds and thousands of people from different walks of life storm fitness and wellness centers. From teenagers to adults, employees to CEOs, laymen to professionals, these individuals slice off an hour or two from a day’s busy schedule just to sweat it out.

Although some of them may have a specific purpose to visit the gym, most of them share a common goal—WEIGHT LOSS!

A lot of gym-goers are convinced that for as long as they go through the motions—pull cable wires, lift weights, run to near exhaustion on the treadmill, and do one exercise per muscle group—it will do the trick. Wrong.

Aside from the hazards of injuries, accidents, and mishaps from experimenting on exercises, it simply does not guarantee results; eliciting frustration. The trial and error method for such a specific goal (weight loss), is a very risky choice. While considerable effect may be obtained, this kind of practice will sooner or later turn to be a wild goose chase.

Not all exercises are designed equal. They differ from target muscle, proper form, range of motion, correct execution, and most importantly, your expected result.

In order to lose weight without wasting time and money, you should at least have a familiarity with the correct work out. Your quest for an effective weight loss program will be a tough uphill climb unless you are properly educated.

So without further ado, here is a compilation of the top exercises from beginner to advance levels for successful weight loss.

Push Up
On the wall – stand in front of a wall with legs together. With a controlled motion, let your body fall towards the wall then use your arms to push you back to your original position.

On the floor – lie face flat on the floor (prone position) while placing your hands on the side of your chest. Slowly push yourself up with the full range of your arms and repeat the motion. For females, upper torso movement would still be the same except the lower body is supported by the knees.

Jumping Jacks
Stand erect with your feet together similar to the figure of the letter “I”. To start the movement, slightly bend your knees and ankles (plantar flexion) then jump to separate the legs a few inches apart, while your arms should simultaneously extend upward creating the figure of the letter “A”.

Jogging in Place
Knee High – doing this exercise requires you to raise your thighs to waist level making it parallel to the floor.
Leg Curl – similar to a simple jogging exercise, except that you have to flip your legs (knee down) towards your hamstrings (below buttocks).

Squats on Chair
Get a chair that stands slightly above your knee. The movement begins as you unlock your knees making you sit on the chair then return to standing position. Make sure the pace of the movement is controlled.

Standing Shoulder Press
Grab a bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Start movement with the bar at neck level raising it up until full extension overhead.

Instep Lunges
Stand erect with your feet together. Begin the movement by taking a step forward then resting your same side elbow on your knee. Return to original position then perform the exercise with the opposite leg.

Walking Lunge
Do this exercise similar to the instep lunge. However, holding weights on both of your hands is highly suggested.

Alternate Squat Jumps
Stand in front of a step box or step board with feet hip width apart. Step with one leg on the box as you slowly do half squat. Jump as high as you can then land on the opposite leg.

Power dead lift
Place a weighted bar slightly above your feet. Squat down without your knees moving beyond your toes and grab the bar at shoulder width. Lift bar extending your hips and knees while rounding your shoulders backwards. Return bar to the floor and repeat movement. This exercise could also be done using dumbbells.

Dumbbell Bent Over Row
Using a flat bench, kneel and support body with your arm. Move the opposite leg a little to the back side then grasp dumbbell from the floor. Pull to side towards your hip as you feel your shoulder blade retract. Return until arm is extended and shoulder is stretched.

Chin Ups/Pull Ups
Stand below the bar a few inches from the head level. Using an overhand grip, hang on bar without swinging then pull yourself up. Return to original position in a controlled motion then repeat movement.

This exercise could also be done using an underhand grip. Upon progression, chin ups with one hand presents a better challenge.

Squat, Jump, and Push
Standing up, do a half squat then jump as high as possible with your hands straight up. Land to a half squat position simultaneously bending forward to a push up stance. Do one repetition then stand back
up. Repeat movement.

Start the movement by grabbing two parallel bars with shoulder width. Raise your body with your arms extended, back erect, knees flexed, and feet behind. Lower your body until you feel a stretch at the side of your chest, and then lift your torso again to the initial position.

Abdominal Work-outs
At this point of your program, you might ask: “How about cardio exercises and abdominal workouts?”
Since you want it, you got it!

Unless running on the treadmill does not bore you, do at least a 15-minute run (not jog or walk) with a speed of 9km per hour.

If available, choose a more challenging cardio machine such as ellipticals, rowers, steppers (stairclimber), or stationary bikes. These machines usually come with adjustable level of difficulties making weight loss much more efficient.

Stroke the Lap
Lie flat on the floor facing up (supine position). Place your hands on your lap feeling a slight stretch of your shoulder blades (scapula). Without staining your neck, lift your shoulder blades off the floor while stroking your lap towards the knee. Return on the floor and repeat the movement.

Knee to Chest
Lie down on a mat with your body fully extended. Bend knees moving it towards your abdominals and chest. Extend knees to original position.

Reverse Leg Crunch
With legs together and extended, raise them upwards so that your body will be in a three o’clock position. Return slowly then repeat.

Body Reel
While lying on a mat, extend arms and legs. One arm and the opposite leg should meet halfway crunching your stomach area. Alternate hands and legs.

These abdominal exercises are perfect when combined with the exercises mentioned above.

Working out for Weight Loss
The key to these workouts is the use of different muscles in tandem, otherwise known as compound exercises. They stimulate more muscle fibers allowing better excess weight burn. Using these exercises, you can be skilled and experienced in your weight loss program.

Again, appropriate exercises mean guaranteed results. So why experiment when you can lose weight with precision and achieve your goal? These workouts are made for everyone, whether you are in the comfort of your homes or in the gym.

Together with other intangibles like patience, fervor, and discipline, weight loss would be as easy as one, two, three.

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