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Best Exercises for Reducing Puson

One of the body areas that is very difficult to trim down is the belly or puson. This is true for both men and women because the former often develops beer bellies while the latter suffers from loose bellies after getting pregnant. Sometimes, even if a person diets and do exercise, the belly stays protruded.

First, if one wants to lose the belly puson, diet is a must to reduce body weight. The exercise however is important for burning fats and tightening the muscles in the belly area. The best exercise for reducing the belly essentially pertains to exercises that focus on the abdominal part of the body of which doing crunches is the most common.

However, one of the best exercises in reducing the puson that is way simpler is the Abdominal Hold. In this exercise, one simply lies on the floor and lift ones legs less than 90 degrees from the floor and holding the position for as long as one can. A variation to this exercise is to lift one’s legs and one’s body at the same time and holding on that position for as long one can.

Another great exercise is the side crunch which involves lying to your sides and lifting one’s legs sidewards. One can do some variation by kneeling on the floor and leaning all the way over to the side then extending the other legs up and down.

Another simple yet effective exercise to reduce belly is the bicycle crunch. This involves lying on one’s bank with hand behind your head then raising the legs and simulating a bicycle pedalling. There are other exercises for the puson but basically it basically involves doing crunches while doing variations.

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