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Best Exercise Equipment for Diabetics?

Aside proper diet, proper exercise is crucial for managing type 2 diabetes. Diabetic patients are always advised to be physically active yet not too much active because strenuous activity can also be dangerous especially for diabetic patients who are older.

What exactly is the best exercise for a diabetic patient. There is really no categorical answer to this question. All types of exercise is good if it works for you. However, according to some studies, a type of exercise that combines aerobic exercise and weight training is especially helpful for controlling blood sugar. Moreover, patients are advised to a lot at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week to exercise. In lieu of which, what is the best exercise equipment for a diabetic? There is really no best exercise equipment. Some would say a stationary bike or threadmill are the most popular. While these are great for aerobic exercising, the same exercise can be achieve by simply walking or biking. One don’t even get bored in a stationary bike or threadmill because one gets to see more things, travel a little and meet more people when jogging in the park or along a pathway.

In the case of weight training, the first thing that immediately comes to mind are dumbbells. However, one can simple do push ups or do more productive tasks like carrying pails while watering the plants or gardening to do the weight training in a more innovative and creative manner.

Thus, as for the best exercise equipment for diabetics, the answer would be none. Diabetic patients can perform their exercise more socially fun and creatively productive without using equipment in exercising. Moreover, exercising without equipment is also easier to make exercising a habit as the act becomes part of one’s normal life and not something a person does because it is imposed.

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