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Best Cold Drinks in Summer Philippines

One of the best ways to fight off the scourging summer heat is by drinking a cool refreshing drink that can be used to supplement one’s vacation relaxation while basking on the beach, enjoying a summer night, or simply taking the beat of the heat. Here under are the best cold drinks during the summer in the Philippines.

Cold Soft Drinks – another common way to beat the heat is by drinking cold soft drinks such as Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, 7UP, RC Cola, and Mountain Dew, among many others. Not only are softdrinks easily accessible in every local sari sari store. In most cases, any brand will do as long as the softdrink is cold.

Cold Juice – Juices are extracts of fruits. There are also powdered juices which allow people to have different juices in different flavors. Whatever type of juice you drink, it should come with ice to make it refreshing.

Ice Tea – Whereas most countries prefer hot teas to beat the cold, tropical countries like the Philippines prefer ice teas to beat the heat. There are numerous instant teas that are available, which can supplement one’s dinner.

Smoothie – Smoothies are basically fruits and water blended to become smooth and drinkable or at least it can be sipped. This is most commonly called shake in the Philippines. Most fruits can be made into smoothie but the most common in the Philippines included mango, coconut, avocado, melon, watermelon and others.

Concoction juices – For people who are into experimenting with different flavors, they can opt to combine different ingredients to come up with different fruit juices. Among the common ones include the June Bug which included ginger, orange juice and sherbet. Adding some liquor on a fruit juice will create a fruit martini like watermelon juice with gin or vodka makes watermelon martini. Adding fresh mint to juices created minted juices like a minted pineapple juice or mango tea.

One cold water – Finally, when it comes to quenching your thirst, nothing beats natural water, after all it’s the main ingredient of any other drink that quenches thirst. More importantly, the human body is made up of 70% water and replenishing the same with water also helps detoxify the body.

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