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Benefits of Weight Loss

Posted on July 7, 2021 | No Comments on Benefits of Weight Loss

Too lazy to lose weight? A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gives another reason why getting rid of extra fats does wonders to the body, especially for obese older women. Dr. Gloria Mazzali and her co-researchers from the University of Verona examined 35 obese women aged 58 to 83 years old. The figure includes 15 women who shed five percent of their body weight through diet. The researchers discovered that the subgroup developed more desirable body fat distribution and insulin sensitivity.

Better fat distribution without sacrificing high quality muscle tissue and insulin sensitivity can be achieved through losing few excess fats, according to the researchers. Accumulated fats in the abdomen area, which tends to increase as a person gets older, are accompanied by fatty tissues in the muscle which serves as fertile ground for insulin resistance and metabolism-related disorders.

The study suggests that fats in the abdomen and waist area can significantly heighten insulin resistance and poor distribution of body fat. Weight loss not only trims excess fat but also makes 3 person more receptive to the effects of insulin, as evident on the subgroup of women in the study.

As part of the research, Mazzali and colleagues also studied the study participant’s leptin and adiponectin leels. The two hormones are associated with appetite and fat metabolism respectively. The study showed no link between adiponectin and weight loss. On the other hand, leptin levels dropped as a reslt of losing weight.

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